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We’re Equipped To Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

It’s normal for people to feel anxious about having dental implants. In fact, it’s incredibly common. If you have a fear of being in pain, having injections or feeling vulnerable in the dentist’s chair, you’re most certainly not alone. Unfortunately, lots of people let that fear impact their oral health. Without filling the gaps left by damaged or missing teeth, your oral health can deteriorate further. Meanwhile, without doing anything to confront your fear, the thought of going to the dentist can get even worse.

Fortunately, your anxiety shouldn’t have to stand in the way of you having advanced dental treatments such as full arch implants. That’s why, at Dental Implants Tasmania, we understand how nervous our patients can be and do everything we can to put your mind at ease. That starts with providing a clean, calm and comfortable environment. However, more than that, we offer advice to help calm your nerves and offer several types of anaesthesia to ensure you don’t feel a thing.

Why Are You Feeling Anxious About Your Dental Treatment?

The first step to reducing your fear of the dentist is acknowledging what it is that you are scared of. We commonly hear the following reasons and are fully equipped to help you manage how you feel so you can get the treatment you need:

  • Pain – no one likes being in pain and we don’t want that any more than you do. We’ll always ensure your treatment is pain-free.
  • Injections – whether you’re scared of dental injections or injections in general, we have tools and techniques to help you stay calm.
  • Vulnerability – lying in a chair with your mouth open is pretty unusual, but while it’s not something you do every day, it is for us and we’ll make sure to keep you calm.
  • Embarrassment – we have many patients who are self-conscious about their teeth. Just remember, we’ve seen it all before and we’re here to help.

However you feel, and whatever the reasons, you’re not alone. We have helped other patients just like you and are committed to your comfort and care.

Top Tips to Help You Relax

If you’re feeling anxious about your implant procedure, there are many things you can do to help stay calm before and during the treatment:

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Talk to us

The first step to relieving your anxiety is talking to us about it. After all, as soon as we’re aware of what’s making you feel nervous, we can start working on ways to help you and adapt your treatment as necessary.

Visit us

We encourage all our patients to come in for a consultation before any treatment. That way, you can get to know us, the practice and your dentist. It’s much less daunting going somewhere that you’re familiar with.

Listen to us

It can often help our patients if we explain what we’re doing before and during the procedure. If it would help you, we can keep you informed at every step of the way.

Distract yourself

If you’d rather not know what’s going on, we can help distract you by playing music or putting a TV nearby for you to watch. Whatever works for you, is totally fine by us.

Take a break

We’ll establish hand signals for you to use during the procedure so you can always communicate with us and feel more in control. If you need a break, you can let us know straight away.

Eat well

Caffeine and sugar-filled foods can make your nerves jittery. Instead, before a visit to the dentist, opt for a meal that’s high in protein. Foods like almonds, avocados, eggs and chamomile tea are great at keeping you calm.

How Anaesthesia Can Help

While we advise you to follow our relaxation advice, there is no need for you to go it alone when it comes to dental anxiety. To ensure you feel comfortable and that all dental implant procedures are completely pain-free, we offer several types of anaesthesia to our patients:

  • Sleep Dentistry – otherwise known as IV sedation, sleep dentistry uses a special type of anaesthesia that puts you in a pleasant dream-like state. While you’ll still be conscious throughout, you’ll probably have little memory of the procedure.
  • General Anaesthetic – if you’d rather be completely sedated, that’s a possibility too. We can administer general anaesthetic in the comfort and safety of our practice and put you in a temporary state of unconsciousness so you don’t feel or remember a thing.
  • Laughing Gas – laughing gas, otherwise known as nitrous oxide, slows down your nervous system and can make you feel light-headed, tingly, or even give you a case of the giggles.

Our Purpose-Built Oral Surgery Facility

Dental Implants Tasmania isn’t a standard dental practice, it’s a purpose-built facility for oral surgery. In other words, it was custom made with implant dentistry and our patients in mind. By building the surgery from the ground up, we’ve created a modern, clean and comfortable environment that has access to innovative tools and technologies.

If you struggle with anxiety, our purpose-built practice has everything you could possibly need to put you at ease. From a friendly welcome, to a range of sedation options to highly experienced dental implant dentists and anaesthetists, we have your every need catered for. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Dr Bing and Dr Fay Dental Implants Tasmania

Why Choose Dental Implants Tasmania

At Dental Implants Tasmania, we can promise you that every single member of staff will actively try to ease your anxiety. We’ll welcome you into our practice, discuss every procedure fully and work to understand any worries you may have before any treatment takes place. What’s more, our clinic is fully equipped with all the tools and amenities required to help you manage your anxiety. From the moment you step through the door, until your appointment is over, you’ll be in the best possible hands.